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Saturday 22 December 2007

Welcome to e107

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  • There are thousand pages scattered throughout the site, something is bound to catch your attention, so feel free to look around

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Wednesday 07 January 2009

Free MP3s

You can download mp3s free of charge using YouTube.com. Alll you need to do is find the music video for the music youo require. Then go a site like flvto.com and simply compy and paste the link to the YouTube video into the site and it will download the video and convert it to an mp3 file ready for you to download.

The only problem is that the sound quality of the converted mp3's are no where as good as the equivilent mp3 from the CD version.

Similar sites to covert flv to mp3 are:
  • vixy.net (Allows conversion between video types aswell as mp3

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Friday 26 December 2008

Choice FM Widget

I have just created a widget for use with Windows Vista sidebar tool. This allows the user to listen to streaming ChoiceFm radio.

Choice FM is a brand used by the UK's biggest radio company, Global Radio. It is anchored by an FM operation in London, and is also broadcast via DAB Digital Radio, Sky Digital, Tiscali TV, Virgin Media and online.

You can download the tool from here.

If theres any other radio stations that stream online that you would like me to create a sidebar tool for, send me a Private message through the site or leave a comment. (Best to PM me)

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Thursday 13 November 2008

A few Updates

Sorry Ive been at Uni so haven been able to update the site as much, but now things have settled down il get back to doing stuff.

I have added a few more games and some downloads.

On the download side of things i will start uploading some legacy software. No idea why just because i can. And since there no longer supported it is legal to download. Im sure your remember the Windows 3.1 days. After reinstalling it in virtual PC I decided to upload the files here if any one else wants to remember those days.

And one last thing i had to take down the proxy site, as i found out that my host doesn't except proxy sites.

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Monday 01 September 2008

Anonymous Web surfing

Just made aproxy site. Which will allow you to surf the web though this server and not your own, so for anonymous web surfing use X305's proxy site.

X305's Proxy is a free anonymous proxy server which allows you to surf the internet anonymously and securely without anyone being able to follow your tracks. Our proxy server is also to help you get passed work filters or school filters which don't allow you to visit any of the sites you want.

>>X305's Proxy

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Tuesday 29 July 2008

Make money answering surveys

Make money quickly and easy by taking surveys. Survey Savvy pay you for answering simple survey, which take from 30 minutes to less then 5 minutes. The site is secure and actually works.

Based on your user profile, you will occasionally get a screener survey (a short questionnaire to see if you are qualified for a survey). If you qualify and complete a survey you can expect to receive an average of $2 to $20 per survey. If you attempt do not qualify for the survey you are entered into a monthly sweepstakes drawing for fifty $10 prizes. In addition they have an excellent referral program; its probably the best recurring referral program I have encountered for paid survey panels. Members receive $2.00 every time one of their referrals takes a survey and $1.00 for every survey their referral's referral completes.

Also there is no minimum buy out. As soon as you make money you can get it sent to you. Whats more its open to participants from any country.

So why not give it a try its free to sign up and you have nothing to lose. Click the link below to try it out.

>>Survey Savvy

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How to make money from your site, blog, myspae, etc?

Make Money!
Any one with a website, myspace, blogsite, Hi5, Windows live myspace, etc...(any site that allows you to post html) make money displaying advertisements. On a pay per click basis.

>> More information
>> Sign up

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Friday 13 June 2008

I iz bac

Test are finally over and now I am free. So there should be more updates coming to the site. So far all I've done is add a motoring section to the forums, but more will come..


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Thursday 29 May 2008

Past papers

I have just added some past papers for AS and A-level as it is so hard to find them for subjects like edexcel maths. Just read and agree to the terms of service before you download anything.

Also i you have any more past papers you can send them to me at -email-.

AS/A-level past papers
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Monday 12 May 2008

Console war vids

This explain every thing. The first video is older then the second. It came out around the time all the consoles were released and is by Zero Punctuation

The next video was released this year and is The Ranting Monkey.

Check the video in the extended post.

And don't forget to leave comments.

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